VAYANA secures a new round of funding from Reliance Industries Limited

We are pleased to announce that Reliance Industries Limited confirmed a significant investment into Vayana P Ltd. The Investment is recognition of Vayana’s focus on being the domain thought leader in customer engagement channels. This investment will accelerate Vayana’s drive to develop and market simple, relevant and pervasive financial products and services. The solutions portfolio offered across India, Middle East and Africa would provide Banks and Financial Services Institutions opportunities for greater revenues and engagement from their customers.

Additionally, Vayana will be working with RelianceJio in various payment initiatives. These initiatives will be programmed to take advantage of the rapid growth mobile payment solutions industry fueled by favorable demographics and increased use of mobile phone and credit cards in India. A clear area of emphasis will be financial services delivered using mobile and other ubiquitous devices.

Reliance Industries Limited is the second large Institutional Investment in Vayana after HDFC group’s equity investment 5 years ago. The Reliance Investment is both a validation of Vayana’s investments and a great growth opportunity. It is a validation of Vayana’s decision to invest early in financial expertise to develop an innovative product and apps portfolio. And, it is an opportunity to showcase our skills and understanding and deliver value across a larger business footprint.

Team Vayana looks forward to serving your growing needs in a future of exciting possibilities. Let us begin that conversation!

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